The Pilates Studio (Warragul)

              ( Established  October 2003)

1 Victoria Street


VIC         3820

To contact us:    The Pilates Studio

Phone: 0411 022 396

Fax: 03 56231628


Stay safe and well - the lockdown is coming to an end. Our thoughts are with you.
Still time to reflect, rest, exercise and maybe try something new. Feel like a chat then please call.
See what our instructors have been 
doing during the lockdownThere is hope - things are changing !
At this stage we will be re-opening on October 26th.
Possibility it could be earlier. Stay tuned. ! You will be notified.Let us keep a
positive attitude.
Love life !!

NEW—sox, therabands and spiky balls now available.


 GILLIAN  -I have really enjoyed and valued doing things I normally don’t have time to do like relax, read, garden, paint and play the piano. Still working on my recovery has been of  great importance and each day I rotate my physical activities.

I do miss my contact with the studio and look forward to our re-opening.

 ADRIANA - Hello Pilates lovers !  I hope you are all well and healthy. I have been very busy with my Cinderella life but I always take some time out for myself doing some Pilates exercises. I am currently working on 25 press-ups for 25 days. I miss you all and hope to see you later in the year.

SHARI - I am at the 6 week mark after my knee op. Still some swelling but I am walking and driving. I am doing exercises everyday for my knee and keep adding to my program. It is really helping. I am looking forward to returning to the studio.

CONELLA - This is where I come to when the world gets crazy. I come back to the simple things in life—to nature and truth. I bake bread and grow vegetables/ herbs to keep my family safe, happy and healthy. I talk to my ‘girls’ and in return I get amazing eggs to nourish us. I go to goodness—to my safe place. I am gutted that we are not re-opening on the 14th Sept.