The Pilates Studio (Warragul)

††††††††††††† ( Established† October 2003)

To contact us:††† The Pilates Studio

Phone: 0411022396

E-mail :

The studio where you and Pilates are our only focus.End of an era after 14 years , the time has come.
No more classes at 1 Victoria St- next term at 59 Victoria St.

Use this link to check your credits† .Click link to look online  here 

What to bring to class

 Please do not attend a class if you are at all unwell. Stay on the side of caution and if necessary get tested.

 You will need to bring :

 your own mat or a large towel and a small pillow if you need it

 socks (are compulsory) - toe sox are available for sale at the studio @ $15 a pair  

 cloth gloves are recommended when using straps on the beds

 bring a theraband if you have one or purchase a band at the studio - varying prices

 hard or spikey balls are really an essential item. Purchase at the Studio $6.60

 It is suggested that you bring your own small bottle of sanitiser so you can clean hands between equipment use

 Please do not linger in the passageway after a class so that the studio can be cleaned and cleared before the next

†††† clients arrive.

†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† YOUR HEALTH AND SAFETY ARE OUR FIRST PRIORITY


Early days

Before the Lockdown

This year after Lockdown

Our new locationówaiting for us to fill it with our equipment and energy.

All will be ready for the new term on Monday April 19th

All bookings for classes are now through†