Fee Structure

The Pilates Studio— Warragul


       Schedule of Fees for classes for  2019


                                                    Cost / Week                                   Cost  / Week                  

                                       - payable by the term                 - visa payment quarterly

Level 1A                                   $15.50                                                   $11.00                                                               


Level 1B                                   $16.50                                                   $11.70


Level 1C                                   $17.50                                                   $12.40                                                               


Level 1D                                   $18.50                                                   $13.20                                     


Level 1E                                   $ 20.00                                                  $14.30                                     


Level 1M                                  $21.00                                                   $15.00                                                              


Level 2                                      $22.00                                                   $15.80                                     


Level 3                                      $23.00                                                   $16.50                                     


Men’s  class                            $23.00                                                   $ 16.50          


Bed -1                                       $17.50 / $20.00                                  $12.50 / $14.30

                                               ( This depends on the length of the class)



Fees payable by the term or over 52 weeks ( by weekly visa payments)


Booklets are available to purchase                                            Block of 10 for $ $175.00


Please note that these booklets are for extra classes or for specific reasons e.g    Shift work


Small classes of  any level (4 clients)                             Add $4.40 to fee for class level 


Casual classes :-                                                                      Add $3.30 to fee for class Level


Classes are of 1 hour duration except for the  reformer only classes, which are 45 minutes in duration.


Discounts only apply to fees paid by the term                                   


10% discount, for returning clients,  if you pay  before the given date, prior to the commencement of the next term   / 2nd member of the same family  / 2nd class  per week 


20% discount for more than 2 classes a week   / 3rd member of the same family / Health   card             


30% discount for Aged Pension                                      All Fees include GST 


Note :- If you know you will be away for a number of weeks you may secure your place in the class by paying  $6.60 per week for  the number of weeks you are away or make arrangements with Visa / Master card/ Bank payments

Private sessions are available by appointment only .Session times are based on $60.00 per hour.   Length of session determined by needs of  client.

1 Victoria Street


VIC         3820

Phone: 0411 022 396

Fax: 03 56231628

E-mail: abfabpilates@gmail.com

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