Fee Structure

The Pilates Studio— Warragul


 Note :  Possible changes to Schedule of Fees for classes for  2021


                                                    Cost / Week                                   Cost  / Week                  

                                       - payable by the term                 - visa payment quarterly

Level 1A                                   $15.50                                                   $12.00                                                               


Level 1B                                   $16.50                                                   $12.70


Level 1C                                   $17.50                                                   $13.45                                                               


Level 1D                                   $18.50                                                   $14.25                                     


Level 1E                                   $ 20.00                                                  $15.40                                     


Level 1M                                  $21.00                                                   $16.10                                                              


Level 2                                      $22.00                                                   $16.90                                     


Level 3                                      $23.00                                                   $17.70                                     


Men’s  class                            $23.00                                                   $ 17.70          


Reformer classes                $17.50—50 min class  or $20.00—1 hour class                                 


   New Deal—Pay $50.00 per week  for unlimited classes.


Fees payable by the term or over 52 weeks ( by weekly visa payments)


Booklets are available to purchase                                            Block of 10 for  varying prices depending on the level


Please note that these booklets are for extra classes or for specific reasons e.g    Shift work

Note :- There is no discount on a book of vouchers            


Small classes of  any level (4 clients)                             Add $4.40 to fee for class level 


Casual classes :-                                                                      Add $3.30 to fee for class Level


Discounts only apply to fees paid by the term                       


10% discount, for returning clients,  if you pay  before the given date, prior to the commencement of the next term   / 2nd member of the same family  / 2nd class  per week 


20% discount for more than 2 classes a week   / 3rd member of the same family / Health   card             


30% discount for Aged Pension                                      All Fees include GST 


Note :- If you know you will be away for a number of weeks you may secure your place in the class by paying  $6.60 per week for  the number of weeks you are away or make arrangements with Visa / Master card/ Bank payments

Private sessions are available by appointment only .Session times are based on $60.00 per hour.   Length of session determined by needs of  client.

Text Box:

1 Victoria Street




Phone: 0411022396

Fax: 03 56231628

E-mail : abfabpilates@gmail.comabfabpilates@gmail.com

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New schedule of fees and payments
 will be announced shortly.