Types of  classes available

The Pilates Studio— Warragul

The classes held at The Studio are conducted by qualified instructors.

and based on fundamental



Classes now being offered are as follows and please note that clients need to work through

these levels from 1A to 3M. However clients will work at their own rate and ability.


1A -   Foundation A  -   an introductory Mat course for understanding the basic principles

and particularly  the specific breathing.


1B – Foundation B  -   continuing on from the Foundation A class and introducing the Pilates             

principles on the Ball.


1C -  Basic A         -       developing the work on the Mat and the Ball, continuing with Level 01

and introducing the Pilates Circle.


1D -   Basic B       -        consolidation of the Level 01 Mat and Ball along with the Pilates Circle

and introduction of work on the Foam Roller.


1E -    Basic C       -        covers Mat, Ball and other small equipment, further consolidating an

understanding of the principles and to continue developing strength. This class introduces work on

the Reformer Bed and prepares the body and mind for preparatory Level 02 work.


LEVEL 1 Maintenance  -classes for those who wish to consolidate all areas and equipment at

this level and do not feel fully prepared to continue directly on to the next level.


2A/B /C/D– Intermediate A—Maintenance of Level 01 work and continuing on to  Level 02   exercises

on Mat, Ball and Bed as well as working with small equipment such as Foam Rollers and

Pilates Circles and introducing Arc Barrels. This level continues to develop strength and awareness

through to the next level of difficulty, improving technique and therefore quality of movement.


LEVEL 2 Maintenance  -classes for those who wish to consolidate all areas and equipment at this level

and do not feel fully prepared to continue on to the next .


LEVEL 3A to D –Advanced - continuing development of the previous Levels with increased personal

awareness and precision. Introduction and development of Level 3 exercises on all equipment, including

the Wunda Chair.


LEVEL 3  Maintenance—consolidation of all work, on all equipment up to this level and preparation

for beyond !


 Various REFORMER BED CLASSES - From Introduction to Pilates via the beds with no previous experience necessary through to Intermediate and more Advanced


SENIORS CLASSES- working at a basic to intermediate level, with attention to the needs of the Older population.


STRETCH CLASSES—  Stretching and Pilates go together. As it helps to reduce muscle tension, increases the range of movements in the joints and enhances muscular condition. As with Pilates it helps to increase the circulation of the blood to various parts of the body and therefore increases energy levels.


CIRCUIT CLASS—  This class offers more Advanced clients the opportunity to work on a variety of equipment in one class , with sheets of set exercises to follow  on each station. Individual, fun and a whole body workout




      Men’s class

Arc Barrel Workout

Reformer Beds

Pilates Chairs

Pilates Circles

Pilates Principles

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Work with the Swiss Ball

Be healthy and strong throughout pregnancy and return to  shape  and fitness after birth.

Amanda Waller  back at Pilates after 6 weeks, with Owen  being a part of the program, too

Pilates for Pregnancy

Mat / Stretch Classes

In the last five years I have been privileged to become a mother to three beautiful girls. During each pregnancy I continued with Pilates classes until the last few weeks and found it a great way to maintain agility, strength and movement.

I also found  Pilates provided fantastic benefits during childbirth.

As well as having a strong core, I was able to activate deep muscles when needed, helping me get through three labours without needing pain relief and letting me enjoy the arrival of each lovely baby.

Recovery after each birth was quick and I was able to appreciate time with my girls and get back into life quickly.

Pilates has been a part of my life for over ten years and I would strongly recommend it to anyone planning a family.

All thanks to Gillian and The Pilates Studio.

Written by Samantha Richards of Tatoora

                                  February 2015