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The Pilates Studio— Warragul

Quality of Life for longer

Classes on line—

Unfortunately, I do not feel that I am recovered sufficiently to create online classes .

There are  some excellent opportunities for you to continue your Pilates practice or do extra classes at home.

Have fun everyone, and I hope to see you all back soon. Stay safe.

30 Minute Mixed Ability Pilates - Whatever your level, this is for ...

Excellent instruction by Beth—based on classical Pilates and using different focus in each class

Fun, well instructed classes with Rachael. Again she offers classes with different focus and for different age groups / levels.

I really enjoy these classes and feel that we are very similar in our teaching approach

Rael Isacowicz—BASI Pilates

Look up classes with this amazing Master trainer on You tube. This is the pinnacle of Classic Pilates today. I love his classes.

Foundation Program Mat Class Module 2 - 2017, Costa Mesa

Core Fusion Studios,, run by the fabulous Joanna Littlewood-Johnson, is offering a number of different online classes. You can explore them at


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