Pilates Instructors

Gillian Foks -  Member Pilates Institute of Australia  - Level 3 Instructor

 For all enquiries   E-mail: abfabpilates@gmail.com

The Pilates Studio— Warragul

 Qualified to teach  -

Level 1,2 and 3 Mat / Level 1 and 2 Reformer / Level 1 Ball / Arc Barrel / Foam roller / Wunda Chair / Pregnancy / Cadillac


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Gillian is both a qualified school and dance teacher and has worked in primary, secondary and  tertiary institutions. She has been involved in  the dance industry for 60 years as a dancer, teacher, choreographer, adjudicator and  lecturer. Her interest  in Pilates started as she realised the benefits for her dancers and also experienced these benefits for herself. Retiring from Dance Teaching, but still wanting to be involved in physical fitness, lead to her desire to expand her knowledge of the  Pilates method and to her decision to qualify to teach this form of exercise, which she is now passionate about. Her dream was to establish a studio in the heart of town and this has been achieved with the establishment of The Studio and she has now been making a difference in the lives of many people, at The Studio, for almost 15 years. She is still passionate about this amazing system and plans to continue working in her own life and those of others for as long as she is able to.


Natalie Wood -  Certificate 4 in Pilates—Breathe Education

Natalie is a qualified Pilates instructor, who has completed her Cert IV in Pilates with Breathe Education. She is passionate about doing Pilates for her own health and wellbeing and has been practicing it for many years now.

Over the years she has suffered from a number of aches and pains especially since having children. She has found that Pilates is really the only thing that works for her as it provides her with long-term pain relief if it’s practiced regularly.

Now her passion is all about teaching Pilates to those that want to learn it and she hopes that maybe one day they will also feel the same passion that she does.

She loves Pilates because its benefits are many. It is not only good for ones physical fitness but it also helps to relieve stress and its resulting symptoms. It is low impact with high results, without pain or strain.

Natalie is happy to be welcomed as a member of staff to The Pilates Studio and plans to continue developing her knowledge  and  further education to enhance her teaching.

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